Saturday, March 27, 2010

You know it when it is right

So recently, I have been working on a logo for a very talented photographer and friend, Tim Tidball. This is one of my favorite shots of his.

Trying to capture what he does was difficult. He needed to stand out from other photographers by having his own identifying mark. It took about a month to get it right. I had an initial concept that was perfect, but the execution was not. Tim liked it, but needed to see more. So I kept sketching thumbnails and mocking up logos—still not right. We went rounds and rounds; trying to capture Tim and his work in one image was proving to be one of the more challenging logo jobs I had worked on—but I love a good challenge.

Tim creates "Art in the Moment" capturing emotion, nuance and quickly fading memories. Do you remember as a child, or even as a parent, the special moment of blowing on a dandelion and watching the seeds magically float through the air. The joy and the lightness, the effortless movement lasts only a fleeting moment and then it is gone. This is what Tim is able to capture with his creative skills and raw talent behind the lens. I kept telling him things like "I won't give up until we get it right," and "We'll know it when we get it right." It is finally right.

I would love to show you the whole process, but unfortunately my camera is broken—yes I dropped it—so I will just upload the final logo.

You can give Tim a call at 541.770.1610. His studio is located in downtown Medford right above Hot Pots. Check out his website at

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  1. thanks for all your hard work on my logo Holly, it has been well received by all!