Saturday, February 20, 2010

Relaunching my Graphic Design Business

Art has always been my passion, but after having kids, I found that it was hard to find time for my art. Not only was time at a minimum, so was cash flow. So many women go through this stage only to find that their kids are surpassing them in skill and knowledge. The age of the internet is here and it sure has changed how most of us work. Everything has become, bigger, faster, better, and cheaper. Cheaper? Really? For the client maybe, but not for the creative. Technology constantly changes, software updates come frequently, and the amount of investment (time and money) required for a self employed creative has become hard to comprehend. So why try too relaunch my business in this tough economy? Passion. Passion for my art, the printed word, organized, clean, bold, and unique—coexisting with image. Image and word together create a memory, and the more precise I can make them together, the more memorable they become. This is why I love working with clients on business identity. A strong logo always has a concept behind it. More than just words and image, a concept will make people remember your business identity. A logo is only the beginning of business identity. Identity should be carried throughout your business—from internet to invoice. My job is as much about getting to know what people are about and what they love to do as it is about my creativity. In fact, it is more important for me to get to know my clients than for me to be artistic. How else could I design a logo for my client that makes people remember their business.

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